Estreno de una trilogía de Ernst Krenek en la Ópera de Fránkfurt

jueves, 4 de mayo de 2017

La Ópera de Fránkfurt ha ofrecido el pasado 30 de abril el estreno de la nueva producción del regista  David Hermann de una trilogía de óperas de Ernst Krenek, la tragedia Der Diktator op. 49 (1926), la opereta Schwergewicht oder Die Ehre der Nation op. 55 (1927)  y la fantasía Das geheime Königreich op. 50 (1927), todas ellas sobre libreto del propio Krenek. di. Las siguientes funciones serán los días 5, 7, 12, 14, 18 y 21 de mayo. En todas ellas, al igual que en el estreno, Lothar Zagrosek  dirigirá la Frankfurter Opern und Museumsorchester y el coro de la Frankfurter Opern.

Elenco de Der Diktator. Davide Damiani (el dictador), Juanita Lascarro (su esposa Charlotte), Vincent Wolfsteiner (el oficial), y Sara Jakubiak (su esposa Maria).

Elenco de Schwergewicht oder Die Ehre der Nation. Judita Nagyová (Julia Dawson), Simon Bailey (Adam Ochsenschwanz), Barbara Zechmeister (Evelyne), Michael Porter (Gaston), Ludwig Mittelhammer (Professor Himmelhuber), Nina Tarandek (Anna Maria Himmelhuber),y Michael McCown (el periodista y el alto funcionario).

Elenco de Das geheime Königreich. Davide Damiani (El Rey), Ambur Braid (La Reina), Sebastian Geyer (el loco), Peter Marsh (el rebelde), Alison King, Julia Dawson y Judita Nagyová (tres mujeres), Michael McCown y Doğuş Güney (dos revolucionarios), y Michael Porter (un guardia).

Equipo de David Hermann. Jo Schramm, escenografía. Katharina Tasch, figurines, Olaf Winter, iluminación, y Mareike Wink. 

Der Diktator. Producción de David HermannDer Diktator. Producción de David Hermann © 2017 by Barbara Aumüller

Nota de prensa de la Frankfurter Opern

After the enormous success of his opera Jonny spielt auf (1927), the music world waited impatiently for something new from the pen of the Viennese composer Ernst Křenek (1900-1991). Back then nobody could have guessed that around ten years later a poster publicising the opera – showing a black saxophonist with a star of David on his jacket against a red background, covered by a sticker with the malicious slogan „degenerate music“ – became a symbol of an „anti-culture“ in those dark times which led to the composer emigrating to the USA. But not before Křenek managed to exceed all expectations with three one act operas. The World Premiere on May 6th 1928 at the Staatstheater in Wiesbaden was cheered to the rafters, so it was hardly surprising that the first performance in Frankfurt followed on October 9th of the same year. Křenek set the three short operas in different musical styles: the Dictator as tragic opera with veristic echoes, Heavyweight as burlesque „operetta“ with dance music popular in those days and the Kingdom as an enigmatic fairy tale opera à la Schreker.

The Dictator desires Maria. She has come to him to take revenge for her husband, who lost his eyesight in the war. The ruler's jealous wife Charlotte fires a shot at her husband, killing her supposed rival. – Champion boxer Adam Ochsenschwanz is a true heavyweight. When he realises that his wife Evelyne is cheating on him with her long term dance partner Gaston, he smashes all the furniture in his studio to smithereens. Before Evelyne and Gaston take to their heels, they wire up Adam's training machine… – In a secret kingdom the wife of the worldweary ruler and a rebel argue about power. When the people storm the palace the king swaps clothes with his fool and flees, as the queen and the rabble-rouser had done before, to a nearby magic wood. The rebel and the queen find themselves sexually drawn to one another, whereupon she is turned into a tree, on whose branches the disheartened king prepares to hang himself until, just in time, the voice of his wife sends him to sleep…

The former Stuttgart GMD and Chief Conductor of the Konzerthaus Orchester in Berlin Lothar Zagrosek is back to conduct at Oper Frankfurt, where he led a revival of Dallapiccola's Volo di notte and Il prigioniero in 2011/12. Director David Hermann has worked regularly in Frankfurt since 2004/05, most recently on Charpentier's Médée in the Bockenheimer Depot in 2010/11.

Three other guests are back in Frankfurt for these Křenek one act operas: Davide Damiani (The Dictator / The King) sang Fred Bucksmann in the 2014/15 World Premiere of Lior Navok's An unserem Fluss in the Bockenheimer Depot. Simon Bailey (Adam Ochsenschwanz), a Member of Oper Frankfurt's Ensemble until 2016, recently returned for Leporello in Mozart's Don Giovanni. The Canadian soprano Ambur Braid (The Queen) lately made her debut in Germany at Oper Frankfurt, singing the Queen of the Night in Mozart's Die Zauberflöte. Nearly all the other roles are being sung by Members of Oper Frankfurt's Ensemble and Opera Studio.

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