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Thomas Adès Studies

miércoles, 8 de diciembre de 2021
Thomas Adès Studies © 2021 by Cambridge University Press Thomas Adès Studies © 2021 by Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press ha presentado la monografía Thomas Adès Studies coordinada por Edward Venn, University of Leeds, y Philip Stoecker, Hofstra University, NY, publicada en la serie Cambridge Composer Studies

Thomas Adès Studies* -un volumen de 350 páginas en formato de tapa dura con un precio de 75 £- es la primera monografía académica con estudios colectivos y multidisciplinares sobre el compositor británico. Reproducimos a continuación la descripción del volumen facilitada por la propia editorial.

Thomas Adès is a dominant force in contemporary music, whose work attracts significant attention and acclaim, and has been performed by many renowned ensembles. This volume – the first to present a range of scholarly essays on every aspect of Adès's music – offers authoritative accounts of Adès's major compositions from a variety of analytical, critical, cultural and historical perspectives. The opening chapters focus on Adès's earlier music, offering close readings of key works. Further essays focus on his engagement with forms and instrumental genres. The final chapters turn to Adès's texted music and highlight how themes introduced in earlier chapters cut across Adès's entire output. Richly illustrated with musical examples and supported by further online material, this book provides a multi-faceted portrait of Adès's work that opens up new ways of thinking about, and engaging with, his music.

Relación de artículos y colaboradores

1. 'Chronically Volatile': Gesture in Adès's Living Toys and America: a Prophecy by Philip Rupprecht

2. Performing Adès by Edward Venn with Henry Weekes

3. 'Fountain of Youth', 'River of Meaning': Aesthetics of the Superficial in Powder Her Face by Nicholas David Stevens

4. 'Oh Brave New Caliban': Postcolonial Perspectives on Adès's The Tempest by Jane Forner

5. Chaconnes in the Music of Adès by Philip Stoecker

6. Closing the Circle? Tevot and the Question of Symphonic Resolution by Richard Powell

7. A World in Constant Motion: Adès's in Seven Days by Amy Bauer

8. Musique Automatique? Adèsian Automata and the Logic of Disjuncture by Brian Moseley

9. Narrating the Dance of Death: Morality and Social Critique in Adès's Totentanz by Scott Lee

10. Hearing Voices in Adès's Operas by Emma Gallon

11. The Rich Logic of Adès's the Exterminating Angel and The Tempest by John Roeder

12. Sonic Allegory in Adès's the Exterminating Angel Yayoi by Uno Everett

Consulta de los índices

Edward Venn y Philip Stoecker (ed), «Thomas Adès Studies», Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2021, 350 Pages. ISBN 9781108486651

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