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The Stage Works of Philip Glass

jueves, 5 de enero de 2023
The Stage Works of Philip Glass © 2022 by Cambridge University Press The Stage Works of Philip Glass © 2022 by Cambridge University Press

La editorial Cambridge University Press ha publicado The Stage Works of Philip Glass, de Robert F. Waters, profesor en el New Jersey Institute of Technology. Investigador de la música de los siglos XIX y XX en Francia y Estados Unidos, ha sido crítico musical del Washington Post durante diez años y ha actuado como pianista. 

The Stage Works of Philip Glass* forma parte de la colección Composers on the Stage. Esta es la descripción del volumen proporcionada por la editorial:

The Stage Works of Philip Glass is the first publication to exclusively examine Glass's stage works from 1976 to the present day. Glass, who is regularly acclaimed as the most popular living classical composer, created stage works that have had a mesmerizing effect on younger generations. 
Robert Waters analyses Glass and his music for the theatre in the context of other composers interested in so-called minimalist features. His discussion includes three introductory chapters that address the validity versus invalidity of terms such as minimalism, post-minimalism, postmodernism, and neo-Romanticism, together with a brief overview of Glass's life and works. 
Waters examines the different types of theatre responsible for Glass's impact, including Robert Wilson's Theater of Images. He sheds light on Glass's philosophy regarding staging, text, and other theatrical components, which includes a defiance of conventional narrative, visual and aural dissociation as a theatrical technique, and deconstructionist concepts.
Presents a response to Glass's work from both critics and audience members.
Remains the only book to date that solely treats Glass's stage works over a period of forty-five years.
Includes a demographic study of Glass fans.

Índice de The Stage Works of Philip Glass



1. Introduction

2. Terminology and Stages of Minimalism

3. Terminology: Post-Minimalism, Postmodernism, and Neo-Romanticism

4. Philip Glass's Early Life and Career (1937-1975)

Stage Works

5. Theater

6. Language and Philosophy

7. Themes, Genres, and Archetypes

8. Multimedia and Hybrid Genres

9. Dance

10. Music

11. Critical and Audience Reception

12. Conclusion


Robert F. Waters, «The Stage Works of Philip Glass», New York: Cambridge University Press, 2022, 335 pages. ISBN 9781107049758. Hardback £ 75.00

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