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Mahler in Context

viernes, 6 de enero de 2023
Mahler in Context © 2022 by Cambridge University Press Mahler in Context © 2022 by Cambridge University Press

La editorial Cambridge University Press ha publicado Mahler in Context editado por  Charles Youmans, profesor de musicología en la Pennsylvania State University y autor de Orchestral Music and the German Intellectual Tradition(2005) de Richard Strauss y Mahler and Strauss: In Dialogue (2016). Ha sido el editor de The Cambridge Companion to Richard Strauss (2010) y ha escrito nueve capítulos sobre los poemas sinfónicos de Strauss para el Richard Strauss-Handbuch (Metzler/Bärenreiter).

Mahler in Context* forma parte de la colección Composers in Contex. Esta es la descripción del volumen proporcionada por la editorial:

Mahler in Context explores the institutions, artists, thinkers, cultural movements, socio-political conditions, and personal relationships that shaped Mahler's creative output. Focusing on the contexts surrounding the artist, the collection provides a sense of the complex crosscurrents against which Mahler was reacting as conductor, composer, and human being. 
Topics explored include his youth and training, performing career, creative activity, spiritual and philosophical influences, and his reception after his death. Together, this collection of specially commissioned essays offers a wide-ranging investigation of the ecology surrounding Mahler as a composer and a fuller appreciation of the topics that occupied his mind as he conceived his works. 
Readers will benefit from engagement with lesser known dimensions of Mahler's life. Through this broader contextual approach, this book will serve as a valuable and unique resource for students, scholars, and a general readership.
Explores the educational and social environments within which the young Mahler had to define himself and build his career
Describes the settings in which Mahler developed and practiced his abilities as a performer, and sheds new light on a vital dimension of his activity as a creative artist
Highlights the many external influences that profoundly affected his creative activity, from print culture, intertextuality and visual arts to philosophical and literary influences

Índice de Mahler in Context

Preface and acknowledgements.

List of abbreviations.

Part I. Formation.

1. Family life by Stephen McClatchie

2. A childhood in bohemia: early teachers and friends by Reinhold Kubik

3. Music in Iglau, 1860–75 by Timothy Freeze

4. Student culture in 1870s Vienna by Caroline A. Kita

5. Viennese musical associates, 1875-1883 by Charles Youmans

6. Becoming a conductor: the early years in Mahler's career by Peter Revers

7. Between 'Thrice Homeless' and 'To the Germans in Austria': political conditions in Mahler's Europe by Margaret Notley

Part II. Performance.

8. Operatic and orchestral repertoire by Anna Stoll Knecht

9. Collaborators by Anna Harwell Celenza

10. A perfect storm: Mahler's New York by Joseph Horowitz

11. Celebrity by Eva Giloi

Part III. Creation

12. The composer 'goes to press': Mahler's dealings with engravers and publishers in Vienna around 1900 by Renate Stark-Voit

13. Mahler and program music by Constantin Floros

14. Intertextuality in Mahler by Vera Micznik

15. The symphony, 1870-1911 by David Larkin

16. Mahler and the visual arts of his time by Martina Pippal

17. Mahler and modernism by Marilyn L. McCoy

18. Reception in Vienna by Kevin C. Karnes

19. Mahler's press from London to Los Angeles by Karen Painter

Part IV. Mind, Body, Spirit

20. Organized religion by Stephen McClatchie

21. German idealism by Morten Solvik

22. Nietzsche by Lesley Chamberlain

23. Fechner by Michael Heidelberger

24. Literary enthusiasms by Jeremy Barham

25. Romantic relationships by Charles Youmans

26. Mahler and death by Carl Niekerk

Part V. Influence

27. Posthumous reputation, 1911 to World War II by Stephen Downes

28. Mahler and the second Viennese school by Wolfgang Rathert

29. The Mahler revival by James L. Zychowicz

30. Broader influence by Thomas Peattie

31. Adorno by Roger Allen

32. Influences in literature by Matthew Werley

33. Mahler on disc by Richard Wattenbarger

34. Film and recent popular culture by Peter Franklin.

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Charles Youmans (ed.), «Mahler in Context», London & New York, Cambridge University Press, 2022, 345 pages. ISBN 9781108438353. £ 23.99 Paperback

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