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Beethoven in Russia: Music and Politics

miércoles, 13 de septiembre de 2023
Beethoven in Russia: Music and Politics © 2022 by Indiana University Press Beethoven in Russia: Music and Politics © 2022 by Indiana University Press

Indiana University Press comunica la publicación del libro Beethoven in Russia: Music and Politics de Frederick W. Skinner, Profesor Emérito de Historia de la University of Montana. Amparado por su larga experiencia en el campo de la historia de la recepción, el Dr. Skinner desarrolló una nueva agenda de investigación que le permitió combinar su conocimiento de la historia rusa con su pasión por la música de Beethoven.

Reproducimos a continuación la nota informativa sobre Beethoven in Russia facilitada por Indiana University Press:

How did Ludwig van Beethoven help overthrow a tsarist regime? With the establishment of the Russian Musical Society and its affiliated branches throughout the empire, Beethoven's music reached substantially larger audiences at a time of increasing political instability. In addition, leading music critics of the regime began hearing Beethoven's dramatic works as nothing less than a call to revolution.
Beethoven in Russia deftly explores the interface between music and politics in Russia by examining the reception of Beethoven's works from the late 18th century to the present. 
In part 1, Frederick W. Skinner's clear and sweeping review examines the role of Beethoven's more dramatic works in the revolutionary struggle that culminated in the Revolution of 1917. 
In part 2, Skinner reveals how this same power was again harnessed to promote Stalin's campaign of rapid industrialization. The appropriation of Beethoven and his music to serve the interests of the state remained the hallmark of Soviet Beethoven reception until the end of communist rule.
With interdisciplinary appeal in the areas of history, music, literature, and political thought, Beethoven in Russia shows how Beethoven's music served as a call to action for citizens and weaponized state propaganda in the great political struggles that shaped modern Russian history.
Índice de Beethoven in Russia

YouTube Playlist
Prelude: Music in the Tsar's Gulag
Part I: Russia before 1917
1. Encountering Beethoven: Salon and Concert Hall
2. Engaging Beethoven: Writer and Critic
3. Evaluating Beethoven: From Freude to Freiheit
4. Embracing Beethoven: Concert Hall and Riverbank
Part II: Russia after 1917
5. Beethoven as Revolutionary: Red Star Rising
6. Beethoven as Icon: Cult and Canon
7. Beethoven as Beethoven: The End of Ideology
Postlude: Project Gulag 2010


Frederick W. Skinner, «Beethoven in Russia: Music and Politics», Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2022, 346 Pages, 42 b&w illus., 5 b&w tables. ISBN 9780253063045 Hardback 87,76€ / ISBN 9780253063052 Paperback 38,68€ / ISBN 9780253063076 e-book 25,47 €

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