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Los Maestros Cantores según Laurent Pelly

Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg © 2024 by Teatro Real
Iluminación y movimiento escenario, al igual que la dirección de actores alcanzan en esta puesta en escena, un nivel superlativo.No ha habido ni un único motivo musical de la partitura de Wagner que haya pasado inadvertido a Laurent Pelly.

Brünnhilde’s Escape

Tcherniakov, Götterdämmerung © 2022 by Staatsoper unter den Linden
For all that Mr Tcherniakov was willing to drag the themes of the Ring far beyond their normal context, the four evenings of the cycle were balanced by performances that brought out the intoxicating musical qualities that have drawn generations of listeners into Wagner’s world

A Family Madness

Tcherniakov, Die Walküre © 2022 by Monika Rittershaus
If 'Rheingold' is a purely mythological spectacular, 'Walküre' marks the beginning of the cycle’s shift in the direction of human drama, and in place of continuous set changes, Mr Tcherniakov devoted his energies to extended scenes examining the passions and madnesses that drive the characters

Time Out of Mind

Tcherniakov, Das Rheingold © 2022 by Monika Rittershaus
Whatever you were expecting, this probably wasn’t it.Dmitri Tcherniakov’s productions for the Staatsoper Berlin over the past decade have made a point of pushing operatic texts outside their comfort zones in ways that open up new avenues of meaning while retaining the emotional essence of the original

Coming to Rest

Herheim, Götterdämmerung © 2021 by Bernd Uhlig
The first two instalments of Stefan Herheim’s new Ring cycle for the Deutsche Oper – Das Rheingold and Die Walküre – were ingenious pieces of theatrical invention, delightful as standalone works of drama, yet brimming with images and ideas that seemed to pull its central concept in any number of directions at once.
Reino Unido

Una parábola del erotismo

 Lucy Crowe y Gerald Finley © 2019 by Mark Allan
La aglomerada vitalidad de pasiones en negro ejecutada sobre la tarima fue contrapunteada con la mejor proyección de videos que recuerdo haber visto desde el Tristán e Isolda visualizado por Bill Viola en París.

Tres hermanas en América

Szuchmacher: Tres hermanas © Arnaldo Colombaroli, 2018
Teatro Colón.Tres hermanas.Ópera en tres secuencias con libreto de Peter Eötvös y Claus H.Henneberg y música de Peter Eötvös.Regisseur: Rubén Szuchmacher.Escenografía y vestuario: Jorge Ferrari.Irina: Elvira Hasanagić.

La excepción y las reglas

Veinticinco años ha tardado esta magistral comedia –pese a su extensión, que se nota sobre todo en el primer acto- en volver al coliseo lírico italiano.

The Ring in Berlin, part 4: Fires Down Below

Schiller Theater.Wagner: Götterdämmerung.Guy Cassiers, director.Andreas Schager (Siegfried), Boaz Daniel (Gunther), Jochen Schmeckenbecher (Alberich), Falk Struckmann (Hagen), Iréne Theorin (Brünnhilde), Ann Petersen (Gutrune / Third Norn), Ekaterina Gubanova (Waltraute / Second Norn), Anna Lapkovskaja (First Norn / Flosshilde), Evelin Novak (Woglinde) and Anna Danik (Wellgunde).

The Ring in Berlin Part 2: Doubt, Duty and Desire

Of the four productions that make up Guy Cassiers’ Ring cycle, Die Walküre is quite possibly the strongest.