La venganza de Madama Butterfly

Carlos Cardoso e Ilia Papandreou © 2022 by Björn Hickmann
Para el final de la ópera Rech decide marchar por otro sendero, fuera del libreto original, algo que desde el punto de vista actual es por demás comprensible.El teniente B.F.Pinkerton no sobrevive a su infamia, para sorpresa del público (y especial regocijo de las damas presentes: “¡lo tiene merecido!“).

The Curse of Immortality

Guth, Věc Makropulos © 2022 by Monika Rittershaus
Many of Janáček’s later operas deal broadly with the theme of redemption, but the routes they take to get there are remarkably diverse, from bleak brutality to gentle comedy.

Cancelling the Count

Jones, Le Nozze di Figaro © 2022 by Vincent Pontet / OnP
There is always the danger that new productions will simply coast on the charm of the music without bothering to make a strong case for the continued relevance of the story

Madness and Redemption

Rued Langgaard: Antikrist © 2022 by Thomas Aurin
While Ersan Mondtag’s visually provocative staging often seemed too eager to steal the spotlight, it was the majesty of Langgaard’s unique score that made for a memorable, often captivating evening

III. Los mares y el cambio climático

Océano © by Adobe Stock
La pérdida de masa de hielo del glaciar Thwaites, en la Antártida occidental, representa ya cerca del cuatro por ciento del aumento del nivel del mar en el mundo.Esta proporción podría seguir aumentando, ya que casi ningún otro flujo de hielo de la Antártida está cambiando actualmente de forma tan drástica como el enorme glaciar Thwaites.

Coming to Rest

Herheim, Götterdämmerung © 2021 by Bernd Uhlig
The first two instalments of Stefan Herheim’s new Ring cycle for the Deutsche Oper – Das Rheingold and Die Walküre – were ingenious pieces of theatrical invention, delightful as standalone works of drama, yet brimming with images and ideas that seemed to pull its central concept in any number of directions at once.

The men who were recklessly curious

Huguet, Così fan tutte © Matthias Baus
Between a superb ensemble cast and Daniel Barenboim’s perfectly-judged musical direction, it was a thrilling opening to the Staatsoper’s new season

Pianistas en semifinales del Concurso Chopin

El pasado 7 de octubre se dieron a conocer los 45 pianistas seleccionados para la segunda fase del Concurso Internacional de Piano Chopin.Martin Garcia Garcia es el único español seleccionado.

A Misremembered Past

Huguet, Le nozze di Figaro © 2021 by Matthias Baus
For its first run of live performances, the production benefitted from both the buzz of a real audience and a generally superior cast to that of the première.Vincent Huguet’s staging, however, remained aggressively bland and perplexingly uninspired, a triumph of sets and costumes over ideas and characters.

Frontier Justice

Steier, La Fanciulla del West © 2021 by Martin Sigmund
Staatsoper’s new production of 'La Fanciulla del West' was an unexpected delight.Although it featured three strong principals and a reasonably focussed staging, its persuasive energy came primarily from the eruptions of orchestral emotion.