Honore © by Oscar Shocking
Nunca tuve nada claro en mi vida pero el amor por el arte fue siempre mi antídoto.El arte curó mis heridas en momentos de soledad, enamoramiento y enfermedad (acaso las tres cosas no son lo mismo).Antes de tener algo lo deseamos y esa distancia entre el deseo y la posesión marca mi vida.

Musikfest 2: Storm and Serenity

Igor Levit © 2019 by Beethoven Academy
During the darkest days of the COVID pandemic’s first wave, however, Igor Levit also became one of the great folk-heroes of the lockdown thanks to a series of mini-recitals broadcast via his Twitter account.

The Redeemer Reconsidered

Tcherniakov: Parsifal © Ruth Walz, 2018
When Dmitri Tcherniakov’s production of Parsifal opened in 2015, it was greeted with outrage and adulation in roughly equal measure.Three years later, it has established itself as a fixture of the Staatsoper’s Festtage, and a reliable highlight of the Easter season in Berlin.

Unnatural Acts

The new opera Edward II is a mere ninety minutes in length, but Andrea Lorenzo Scartazzini and Thomas Jonigk have managed to fit more discomfort into its brief duration than many musical dramatists will manage in a lifetime.

Innocence and Experience

Schiller Theater.Wagner: Parsifal.Dmitri Tcherniakov, Director.Cast: Wolfgang Koch (Amfortas), René Pape (Gurnemanz), Andreas Schager (Parsifal), Tómas Tómasson (Klingsor), Anja Kampe (Kundry), Matthias Hölle (Titurel), Paul O’Neill and Grigory Shkarupa (Grail Knights), Sónia Grané, Annika Schlicht, Stephen Chambers, and Jonathan Winell (Squires), Julia Novikova, Adriane Queiroz, Anja Schlosser, Sónia Grané, Narine Yeghiyan, and Annika Schlicht (Flower Maidens), Annika Schlicht (A voice from above).

Berg-Fest Part 2: The Prisoners

Schiller Theater.Berg: Wozzeck.Andrea Breth, director.Cast: Michael Volle (Wozzeck), Marina Prudenskaya (Marie), John Daszak (Drum Major), Florian Hoffmann (Andres), Graham Clark (Captain), Pavlo Hunka (Doctor), Katharina Kammerloher (Margret), Jürgen Linn (First Apprentice), Johann Werner Prein (Second Apprentice), Heinz Zednik (A Fool), Jaroslaw Rogaczewski (A Soldier), and Raphael Küster (Marie’s Child).

Blues of the Fisherman’s Wife

Deutsche Oper Berlin.Shostakovich: Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District.Ole Anders Tandberg, director.Sir John Tomlinson (Boris / Ghost of Boris), Thomas Blondelle (Zinovy), Evelyn Herlitzius (Katerina), Maxim Aksenov (Sergei), Nadine Secunde (Aksinya), Burkhard Ulrich (A Tattered Peasant), Andrew Harris (Policeman), Noel Bouley (Sergeant), Aram Youn, Hyun-Chul Rim y Olli Rantaseppä (Three Workmen), Thomas Lehman (Mill Worker), Matthew Peña (Teacher), Tobias Kehrer (Priest), Seth Carico (Chief of Police), Dana Beth Miller (Sonyetka), and Stephen Bronk (Old Convict).

One Lesson, Four Songs, and a Sacrifice

Philharmonie.Dorothea Röschmann, soprano.Staatskapelle Berlin.Daniel Barenboim, conductor.Elliot Carter: Instances.Richard Strauss: Vier letzte Lieder.Igor Stravinsky: Le sacre du printemps

One Last Trip Through the Time Tunnel

Deutsche Oper Berlin.Richard Wagner: Das Rheingold (Der Ring des Nibelungen: Vorabend).Götz Friedrich, director.Cast: Mark Delavan (Wotan), Markus Brück (Donner), Clemens Bieber (Froh), Burkhard Ulrich (Loge), Eric Owens (Alberich), Peter Maus (Mime), Reinhard Hagen (Fasolt), Ante Jerkunica (Fafner), Daniela Sindram (Fricka), Martina Welschenbach (Freia), Dana Beth Miller (Erda), Siobhan Stagg (Woglinde), Christina Sidak (Wellgunde), Okka von der Damerau (Flosshilde).

The Royal Road to Recovery

The Royal Opera House's 2011-12 season began in splendour, finished in triumph but suffered painfully from a drab, unimaginative and cancellation-riddled middle.For many London opera-goers, it appeared that Covent Garden had blown its budget on high-profile stagings of Il Trittico, Les Troyens and the Ring Cycle but had little left to satisfy regular visitors throughout the long winter months except safe revivals of over-familiar productions with casts that offered great professionalism but little excitement.