Jesse Simon

Comenzó a escribir en el martes, 21 de mayo de 2013. En estos 10 años ha escrito 278 artículos.



Bieito, Aida © 2023 by Herwig Prammer
The Aida's new production did not shy away from difficult themes: the staging, directed by Calixto Bieito, pushed the story’s war atrocities and nationalistic pageantry to the fore and gave them an unsettlingly recognisable modern edge;

Several Sins

Karabulut, Il Trittico © 2023 by Eike Walkenhorst / DOB
Ms Karabulut sought to bring unity to the diverse materials of Il Trittico by returning to Puccini’s original inspiration in Dante, but also by interpreting the title of the cycle – the Triptych – in its most painterly sense.

Musikfest 4: Landscape Studies

Vladimir Jurowski in Berlin © Monika Karczmarczyk, 2019
Mr Jurowski’s ability to highlight the Alpensinfonie’s instrumental depictions without overstating them allowed one to appreciate just how successfully Strauss had been able to integrate his pictorial evocations into a clear, cohesive structure.

Musikfest 3: Trumpets and Drums

Andris Nelsons y  Jean-Yves Thibaudet © 2023 by Peter Fischli/Lucerne Festival
If the programme was held together by few common threads – save perhaps for the prominent trumpet and the moments of heavy drumming shared by the three works – the quality of the performances yielded an evening of constant delights

Musikfest 2: Fantastic Voyage

Estreno de 'Los troyanos' de Berlioz © 1863 by Philippe Chaperon / CC
With Dinis Sousa conducting and all hints of contentious backstage drama far in the rear-view mirror the audience at Berlin’s Musikfest were able to devote their full attention to a majestic performance of a work that still enjoys nowhere near the stature it deserves

Musikfest 1: The heart’s disquiet

If the Symphony No.7 finale was unreservedly triumphant in tone, it was the emotional ambiguities of the earlier movements – and of Mr Widmann’s songs – that made the evening so captivating
Estados Unidos

Santa Fe Opera 2: Captains of Industry

Alden, Der Fliegende Holländer © 2023 by Curtis Brown/Santa Fe Opera
The staging of David Alden dispensed quietly with the maritime setting, situating the action instead within a stylised milieu of early-twentieth-century industrial capitalism.
Estados Unidos

Santa Fe Opera 1: In Darker Light

Jones, Pelléas et Mélisande © 2023 by Curtis Brown/Santa Fe Opera
Director Netia Jones, who was also responsible for the set, costume and video-projection designs, had no difficulty sketching the principal characters with a few well-chosen physical movements but the great strength of her direction lay in her ability to create scenes in which almost all emotional excess had been stripped away.

Arguments from Reason

Dead Centre, Il Teorema di Pasolini © 2023 by Eike Walkenhorst
Among the solid ensemble cast the Odetta of Meechot Marrero and the Lucia of Ángeles Blancas Gulin stood out for the heightened, occasionally frantic passions that they displayed

A House Divided

Loy, Francesca da Rimini © 2023 by Monika Rittershaus
Between Christof Loy’s unsettling staging and a captivating performance of the title role from Sara Jakubiak, the evening provided an ideal introduction to Zandonai's Francesca da Rimini, a work of challenging intensity