Jesse Simon

Comenzó a escribir en el martes, 21 de mayo de 2013. En estos 9 años ha escrito 252 artículos.


Musikfest 4: Expressions of Hope

Andris Nelsons © 2015 by Alexander Böhm
The Gewandhausorchester Leipzig presented a programme of stark contrasts in which the quiet anguish of Shostakovich’s 'Chamber Symphony' and the cataclysmic force of Sofia Gubaidulina’s 'Der Zorn Gottes' were held in fine balance by unshakable optimism of Beethoven’s 'Seventh Symphony'

Musikfest 3: Feeling the Spirit

Igor Levit © 2019 by Peter Wieler
Those unfamiliar with the Busoni’s Piano Concerto were probably converted, while those who worried that they might go their lives without ever hearing the concerto in a real concert hall must have been close to ecstatic: between Sir Antonio’s vivid conducting and Mr Levit’s herculean feats of pianistic brilliance it was the kind of once-in-a-lifetime performance

Musikfest 1: Return to Form

Klaus Mäkelä © 2020 by Harrison Parrott
It was a good weekend for Mahler fans in Berlin.Only two nights after the Berlin Philharmonic kicked off their season with a performance of the Seventh, the 2022 edition of Musikfest Berlin got underway with the Sixth, performed by Amsterdam’s Concertgebouworkest under the direction of their future chief conductor Klaus Mäkelä

Business as Usual

Kirill Petrenko ©  Wilfried Hösl/Berlin Philharmonic
The season opening concerts of the past few years have been coloured by varying degrees of pandemic-related uncertainty: between reduced capacity, mask policies and pre-concert tests, recent seasons have opened with a sense of living in extraordinary times.
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Santa Fe Opera 2: An Old-fashioned Entertainment

McVicar, Falstaff © 2022 by Curtis Brown
The new production of 'Falstaff' was a success on nearly all fronts.Sir David McVicar’s energetic, lightly ribald staging made easy work of the densely-plotted action while the vigorous musical direction of Paul Daniel and a strong ensemble led by the charismatic Falstaff of Quinn Kelsey ensured that the intricacies of the score emerged with absolute clarity.
Estados Unidos

Santa Fe Opera 1: A Quiet Storm

Winokur y  Heijboer, Tristan und Isolde © 2022 by Curtis Brown
Although the Santa Fe Opera has been going for some sixty-five years, it was not until the present season that it gave its first ever performance of 'Tristan und Isolde';before that, the only other Wagner opera to have appeared at the festival was 'Der fliegende Holländer'.

Deconstructing Desire

Stölzl, Turandot © 2022 by Matthias Baus
If Turandot is still viewed as a problematic work, its reputation may be due less to its setting or its unfinished state than to the implausibility of its conclusion: the cruel pride of Turandot and the selfish obsession of Calaf exist in such violent opposition to one another that any ending which suggests the possibility of redemption through love will necessarily ring false

Sensible Footwear

Wieler, Viebrock, Morabito. Die Meistersinger © 2022 by Thomas Aurin
The Meistersinger's staging of Jossi Wieler, Anna Viebrock and Sergio Morabito had numerous great ideas and a few terrible ones;it conjured a convincing world and populated it with well-realised characters, then allowed entire scenes to fall flat.

Unity from diversity

Andris Nelsons © 2015 by Alexander Böhm
Between the extraordinary refinement of the playing and the consistently thrilling direction of Andris Nelsons, the evening was a casually flawless illustration of how the best concerts invariably arise from the simple pairing of great pieces with great musicians

Living in the Ice Age

Michieletto, Jenůfa © 2022 by Bernd Uhlig
With a slightly altered cast and musical direction taken over by Thomas Guggeis, the Jenůfa's first public performance was a triumph, placing considerable vocal riches in the service of a thoroughly engrossing drama